Founding Companies

KVB has grown since its beginning on 23 November 2011 and has evolved from a strictly public relations firm into a Content and Communications Company, providing multi-faceted services to help their clients (corporates, startups, individuals) grow. KVB has been running a mentorship program, called Voice of Startups, to drive entrepreneurship. KVB is based in Indonesia and operates with a global network. Website: 

Weddell is a content-driven commerce platform for parent operating in South Korea. In-depth contents are developed by parenting experts & professionals as well as Weddell content team in dedication with the mission to ‘Help parents to make better decisions, every time’. Weddell has recently been selected by the Korean Government through its program, TIPS. Last year Weddell raised seed-fund from Bon Angels, one of major Venture Capital in Korea. Website: