Indonesia Korea Founder Summit (IKFS) started with a conversation between an Indonesian Founder and a South Korean Founder, who are passionate about entrepreneurship and international collaboration as they are essential factors to drive inclusive growth.

Dian Noeh, Founder & CEO of KVB from Indonesia, who attended APEC CEO Summit 2013 and was impressed by a speech made by one of the South Korean leader on South Korea sustainable creative economy at the APEC CEO Summit. Since then, there has been growing interests in South Korea, culture and global business strategy.  

Harris Shim, Founder of Weddell, now in South Korea, used to live in Indonesia in his childhood with his family and he still misses the place he used to live in. 

Dian and Harris met at an entrepreneurship event hosted by a South Korea organization and that is how Indonesia Korea Founder Summit rolls out. 

Dian Noeh, Founder & CEO of KVB, has over 20 years of experience as public relations and brand building practitioner, having worked as consultant for two global communications firms and having an in-house role at UBS AG financial firm. Dian’s main passions are entrepreneurship and the startups industry, which made her establish Voice of Startups as one of KVB’s streams that build startups brands and connect startups to investors. Dian has also been mentoring founders at initiatives run by venture capital firms and universities, including Jakarta founder Institute. Dian was also active at Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, covering international relations. 

Harris Shim, Founder & CEO of Weddell, received his B.A. Economics from UC Berkeley and M.A Candidate Public Policy from KDI School in South Korea, before working on Collab Asia and Dell.